Mason Jar Photo Frame

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Mason Jar Photo Frame

An very interesting way to use a mason jar! Make it into a one-of-a-kind picture frame. The clear jars would be best for this, pour olive oil in the jar with an upright picture, you can get a sepia effect and a new way to display your pics.


Debbie says:

wow….this is really cool!!! i never thought of something like this b4! but i think i just may try it!

thank you !!!

sherri says:

so pic goes right in the olive oil???? no frame to protect it from curling?? curious cause love this look. let me know

admin says:

Picture goes in the jar. The oil should not damage it. but make sure you use a copy not the original just in case.

donna mitchell says:

do u place the picture in the jar with the oil? or do u attach it to the outside?

admin says:

Picture goes in the jar.

Craftlee says:

This is awesome, but I do have 1 cautionary note: I would not suggest using any photos printed on an INK JET printer since the ink is water soluble.

Sarah says:

Does the oil cause the Sepia effect or is the photo already like that when added to the jar?

admin says:

It adds some. But it looks even better if the photo has it too.

Leisa M Molina says:

If not an ink jet pic, what kind of printing do you recommend?

admin says:

Just a quality photo

ramirez says:

Does it matter how picture is set in bottle or does the oil puts it in place in the back or make that sure push the picture towards the back

admin says:

I do not think it really matters. You can move the photo around after you put the oil in.

tinker says:

can other oil be used instead of olive oil?

Jean Lee says:

I would suggest laminating the photo first.

Sue says:

Can you use vegetable oil?

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