Halloween Lighted Wine Bottle

Pinned on September 20, 2012 at 2:22 am by Feeling Crafty

Halloween Lighted Wine Bottle


Halloween lighted bottle created from a recycled wine bottle which has a frosted effect . The Bottle of Boos has been created with a spooky ghost, flying bats, and (of course) a black cat.

Bottle is a standard 750 ml wine bottle. A small hole was carefully drilled into the back of the lighted bottle and a 20 count set of white rice lights is used to illuminate the Halloween lighted bottle. The lighted bottle is re-corked and and tied with strands of black raffia.


Rose says:

What do you use to drill the hole without breaking it?

Dawn says:

you can buy a special drill bit for glass at your local hardware store

Marie says:

how did you get the lettering of the wine off the bottle?

Lisa Pasedag says:

I know I can’t recreate this, is it possible you are selling these?

Feeling Crafty says:

Sorry we are not. Maybe on ESTY or ebay.

Molly says:

Did you paint on the ghosts and cat?

abby says:

What do you drill the whole with?

abby says:

And where do you find an already frosted bottle?

Ashley says:

To make your own frosted bottle just buy some ETCHING cream (not to be confused with itching cream). Rub it all over and then rinse it off. Works like a charm.

Barbara says:

are the ghost and others things inside the bottle ? and if so how did you get them in there? or did you paint them on the bottle or use stickers ? i love this idea but need more info on “how to”. Thanks for sharing . I love this ides

Gloria says:

I am going to use an Arbor Mist wine bottle. The label comes off very easily.

Sue Vayette says:

Did u paint or use stickers?

Sue Vayette says:

If painted what kind of paint?

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